Unity has decided to not use Ippity Chicks to sell Ippity any longer, so once the stamps are marked "OUT OF STOCK", I won't be able to restock them. Thank you for your interest and purchases!!

sneak peek

Are you ready?

MUSIC of my heart

REGAL greetings

I can’t wait to play with this one!!!

Ready for more?

FISHY sneaky peeky

May I have another?



You are

Can’t you imagine using this with the Alphabetically Adorable, IPK-106 set?


Ok, you ready?

Here’s a peek into some of the new sets coming soon to a blog near you for sale!


Can you believe how perfect that is for SO MANY things???? Wowsie…

I’ve been working on some new projects with the Kissmas & Mistletoe set – just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Here’s a sneak:


and I’ll share the whole project with you this weekend, maybe even tomorrow if I can get it in. 🙂

I have MORE IPPITY arriving today!!!! I will have ALL the sets by the end of today!!


I’ll update the site here ASAP so that YOU can shop in time for Christmas! Remember, YOU need presents for yourself and your friends. Wouldn’t Ippity be the ultimate gift??? NOT available in stores, only available here.

How COOL is that???

Have a GREAT Thursday!

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Stamp Sets Currently In Stock:
IPK-100 Because of You
IPK-101 Kissmas & Mistletoe
IPK-103 Devoted
IPK-104 Just Wanted to Say
IPK-105 Straight from the Heart
IPK-107 Life's Little Moments
IPK-111 Regal Greetings
IPK-114 Sweet Thoughts
IPK-115 Love in Return
IPK-116 What Matters Most
IPK-119 Season of Joy
IPK-121 A Moment in Time
IPS-128 Book It
IPS-129 Dots for Sure
IPK-130 Life is the Journey
IPK-133 This is Love
IPK-134 That's Creepy
IPK-136 Bitty Pixie Paisley
IPK-141 Party Hat Wishes
IPK-144 Cherish Your Dreams
IPK-146 Here and Now
IPK-147 My True Joy
IPK-148 New Season
IPS-148 The Man
IPK-149 Flowers+ Friends
IPK-150 The Best
IPK-152 Make Your Mark
IPK-154 Gingham Christmas
IPK-156 Time for...
IPK-158 Warm Wishes
IPK-159 Pain and Pride
IPS-161 Do What Makes
IPK-166 Bloom & Simplify
IPK-167 Let Your Heart
IPK-168 Courage is My Strength
IPK-169 Born in My Heart

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