Unity has decided to not use Ippity Chicks to sell Ippity any longer, so once the stamps are marked "OUT OF STOCK", I won't be able to restock them. Thank you for your interest and purchases!!

Ippity Itty Bitties Available:

IIB-001 Faith Begins

IIB-002 Happy are Those

IIB-003 Sweet on You

IIB-004 Bee Better Together

IIB-005 Wise Guy

IIB-006 Friendship Rainbow

IIB-007 My Kitchen to Yours

IIB-008 Fabulous Girl

IIB-009 Preggo-Good Luck

IIB-010 Sucks to Get Old

IIB-011 Raining Happy

IIB-012 Something Groovy

IIB-013 Counts as a Fruit


IIB-015 Pain & Strength

IIB-016 Java Friend

IIB-017 One of Those Days

IIB-018 Live Half Full

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    Stamp Sets Currently In Stock:
    IPK-100 Because of You
    IPK-101 Kissmas & Mistletoe
    IPK-103 Devoted
    IPK-104 Just Wanted to Say
    IPK-105 Straight from the Heart
    IPK-107 Life's Little Moments
    IPK-111 Regal Greetings
    IPK-114 Sweet Thoughts
    IPK-115 Love in Return
    IPK-116 What Matters Most
    IPK-119 Season of Joy
    IPK-121 A Moment in Time
    IPS-128 Book It
    IPS-129 Dots for Sure
    IPK-130 Life is the Journey
    IPK-133 This is Love
    IPK-134 That's Creepy
    IPK-136 Bitty Pixie Paisley
    IPK-141 Party Hat Wishes
    IPK-144 Cherish Your Dreams
    IPK-146 Here and Now
    IPK-147 My True Joy
    IPK-148 New Season
    IPS-148 The Man
    IPK-149 Flowers+ Friends
    IPK-150 The Best
    IPK-152 Make Your Mark
    IPK-154 Gingham Christmas
    IPK-156 Time for...
    IPK-158 Warm Wishes
    IPK-159 Pain and Pride
    IPS-161 Do What Makes
    IPK-166 Bloom & Simplify
    IPK-167 Let Your Heart
    IPK-168 Courage is My Strength
    IPK-169 Born in My Heart

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